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Top 10 Comedy Movies 1995

Top 1-10 Comedy Movies 1995

Top 20 Comedy Movies 1995

Top 11-20 Comedy Movies 1995
Top 20 Comedy Movies 1995
1.   Toy Story (John Lasseter)
2.   From Dusk Till Dawn (Robert Rodriguez)
3.   Bad Boys (Michael Bay)
4.   Four Rooms (Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino)
5.   Get Shorty (Barry Sonnenfeld)
6.   Underground (Emir Kusturica)
7.   Cutthroat Island (Renny Harlin)
8.   Mighty Aphrodite (Woody Allen)
9.   Jumanji (Joe Johnston)
10.  Bye Bye Love (Sam Weisman)
11.  Babe (Chris Noonan)
12.  Casper (Brad Silberling)
13.  Mallrats (Kevin Smith)
14.  Major Payne (Nick Castle)
15.  Sabrina (Sydney Pollack)
16.  Father of the Bride Part II (Charles Shyer)
17.  Money Train (Joseph Ruben)
18.  Funny Bones (Peter Chelsom)
19.  Friday (F. Gary Gray)
20.  Tommy Boy (Peter Segal)
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