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Тop 10 Comedy Movies 1969

Top 1-10 Comedy Movies 1969

Top 20 Comedy Movies 1969

Top 11-20 Comedy Movies 1969
Top 20 Comedy Movies 1969
1.   Take the Money and Run (Woody Allen)
2.   Cactus Flower (Gene Saks)
3.   Two Mules for Sister Sara (Don Siegel)
4.   The Secret of Santa Vittoria (Stanley Kramer)
5.   Hello, Dolly! (Gene Kelly)
6.   Sweet Charity (Bob Fosse)
7.   The Reivers (Mark Rydell)
8.   Don't Drink the Water (Howard Morris)
9.   The Great Bank Robbery (Hy Averback)
10.  The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (Robert Butler)
11.  The Italian Job (Peter Collinson)
12.  Hibernatus (Edouard Molinaro)
13.  The Assassination Bureau (Basil Dearden)
14.  How to Irritate People (Ian Fordyce)
15.  Staircase (Stanley Donen)
16.  Mon oncle Benjamin (Edouard Molinaro)
17.  Le cerveau (Gerard Oury)
18.  Heureux qui comme Ulysse... (Henri Colpi)
19.  L'ours et la poupee (Michel Deville)
20.  Un homme qui me plait (Claude Lelouch)
ТОП-10 ВСЕХ отечественных кинокомедий за каждый год (с 1908 по 2013):
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