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Top 10 Comedy Movies 2006

Top 10 Comedy Movies 2006

Top Animation Movies 2006
Top Animation Movies 2006
Top 10 Comedy Movies 2006
1.  Little Miss Sunshine (Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris)
2.  A Prairie Home Companion (Robert Altman)
3.  Scoop (Woody Allen)
4.  Stranger Than Fiction (Marc Forster)
5.  Clerks II (Kevin Smith)
6.  Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Larry Charles)
7.  Outsourced (Outsourced)
8.  Nacho Libre (Jared Hess)
9.  Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (Adam McKay)
10. Alien Autopsy (Jonny Campbell)
Top Animation Movies 2006
1.  Cars (John Lasseter, Joe Ranft)
2.  Ice Age: The Meltdown (Carlos Saldanha)
3.  Over the Hedge (Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick)
4.  Flushed Away (David Bowers, Sam Fell)
5.  Monster House (Gil Kenan)
6.  Happy Feet (George Miller, Warren Coleman, Judy Morris)
7.  Open Season (Roger Allers, Jill Culton, Anthony Stacchi)
8.  The Ant Bully (John A. Davis)
9.  Everyone's Hero (Colin Brady, Christopher Reeve, Dan St. Pierre)
10. Barnyard (Steve Oedekerk)
ТОП-10 российских кинокомедий 2006 года:
ТОП-10 ВСЕХ отечественных кинокомедий за каждый год (с 1908 по 2013):
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